a certificate of accreditation from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland

Diploma Course

Our training programme in Franklian psychology and philosophy is innovative, intimate, and intensive, and leads to an internationally accredited Diploma in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA). Our courses are offered in Dublin & London.

Upon successful completion of the full course, candidates are awarded the Diploma in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, issued jointly by the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland, and the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, Vienna. Each graduate also receives a Certificate of Accreditation from this official and globally recognized body and are eligible to join the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis in Vienna.

LTEA may be practised as a psychotherapy (if one is a psychotherapist) or as a form of logo-life coaching, philosophical counselling, existential or executive coaching, pedagogy, pastoral care, medical ministry, psycho-social skills training, meaning-centred mentoring, spiritual accompaniment, or career guidance counselling, to name but a few, depending on one’s previous qualifications and interests. It can be applied in the clinic or the corporate sector, in business, education, teacher-training, or sports psychology. Its application is unlimited because meaning is universal.

Logotherapy & Existential Analysis

Viktor Frankl’s ‘logotherapy’ (logos = meaning) is the application of existential analysis; it provides a ‘care of the soul’ (self) – a healing through meaning. Existential Analysis (EA), as a form of philosophical practice, emphasizes the need for wholeness in life, viewing the human being in all his/her dimensions – biological, psychological, spiritual (in the non-religious sense), and social. It is a complete, open systems’, integral model. Finding meaning and purpose in life leads to the greatest possible personal fulfilment and flourishing. Existential analysis is philosophy in practice.

Logotherapy and existential analysis extend beyond psychotherapy, mobilizing the ‘will to meaning’ as the primary motivational force and factor in the human person. It is a practical and profound approach to living, containing within itself the perennial wisdom of the ages. The principal insights and ideas of logotherapy and existential analysis can be integrated by participants into their personal and professional lives in terms of work and self-development.

Accrediting Body

The Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland is accredited by, and a certified member of, the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (Vienna), the director of which is Prof. Alexander Batthyany, who is Consultant to our Institute, which is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Who Can Apply

While anyone coming from the caring professions, human services background, or the voluntary or community sector may wish to apply, the course is also open to members of the general public. However, the programme is specifically designed for psychiatrists, priests/ pastors, psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, life coaches, corporate coaches, chaplains, career guidance counsellors, social workers, spiritual directors, teachers, HR consultants, clinical supervisors, medical doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals across all modalities who wish to up-skill, acquire CPD points, or gain a further qualification. Numbers are limited; the themes of logotherapy and teachings of Viktor Frankl can be incorporated into any mode of professional practice.

Mode of Study

Lectures, experiential exercises, group-work, private reading, reflective writing assignments.

Duration of Modules

The format consists of four blocks of modules – introduction, intermediate one and two, and advanced – which take place over four weekends within a four-month period. They run on Saturdays and Sundays, 10.45am-5pm, comprising 50 contact hours.

  • Introduction (Fundamentals)
  • Intermediate 1 (Foundations)
  • Intermediate 2 (Applications)
  • Advanced (Practicum)

To gain the professional, practitioner’s Diploma in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis candidates must successfully complete all four modules as well as submit a personal ‘structured autobiography’ portfolio.

All courses may be taken as ‘stand-alone’ ones.
Certificates of Achievement will be issued after each module.


The course fees for Ireland are €2,800, and for the UK, £3,200. Fees are non-refundable and must be paid prior to the commencement of the course, at registration.


Dublin, Ireland:

Avila, Bloomfield Ave., Morehampton Rd., Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

London, UK:

The Philadelphia Association, 4 Marty’s Yard, 17 Hampstead High St., London NW3 1QW.

Entry Requirements

A primary degree, preferably in a related discipline such as philosophy or psychology, or relevant life-experience, and an application form.

Directory of Members

All graduate students will join the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis’s list of recognized and accredited logotherapists/ existential analysts worldwide, in whatever capacity they may be working, as well as the Circle of Existential Practitioners (CEP).

Application Process


There are three intakes each year – September, January, and May.

Deadlines for Applications

  • 30th July 2017 for September 2017 intake
  • 30th October 2017 for January 2018 intake
  • 30th Feb 2018 for May 2018 intake.

Fill out our application form here.

Course Dates


Intake One: Sept-Dec 2017
Module 1: Introduction: Sept 2nd and 3rd
Module 2: Intermediate 1: Oct 7th and 8th
Module 3: Intermediate 2: Nov 11th and 12th
Module 4: Advanced: Dec 2nd and 3rd

Intake Two: Jan-April 2018
Module 1: Introduction: Jan 6th and 7th
Module 2: Intermediate 1: Feb 3rd and 4th
Module 3: Intermediate 2: March 3rd and 4th
Module 4: Advanced: April 7th and 8th

Intake Three: April-July 2018
Module 1: Introduction: May 5th and 6th
Module 2: Intermediate 1: June 9th and 10th
Module 3: Intermediate 2: July 7th and 8th
Module 4: Advanced: Aug 11th and 12th


Intake One: Sept-Dec 2017
Module 1: Introduction: Sept 9th and 10th
Module 2: Intermediate 1: Oct 14th and 15th
Module 3: Intermediate 2: Nov 4th and 5th
Module 4: Advanced: Dec 9th and 10th

Intake Two: Jan-April 2018
Module 1: Introduction: Jan 13th and 14th
Module 2: Intermediate 1: Feb 10th and 11th
Module 3: Intermediate 2: March 10th and 11th
Module 4: Advanced: April 14th and 15th

Intake Three: April-July 2018
Module 1: Introduction: May 12th and 13th
Module 2: Intermediate 1: June 16th and 17th
Module 3: Intermediate 2: July 14th and 15th
Module 4: Advanced: Aug 18th and 19th

Course Content

Module One: Introduction

  • Introduction to Existential Philosophy, Psychology, and Analysis
  • Logotherapy: Themes and Tenets
  • The Phenomenological Method: Five Steps
  • Freud, Adler, & Frankl’s Life and Times
  • Man’s Search for Meaning: An Analysis
  • Ten Theses of the Human Person
  • Freedom vs. Fate; Choice & Responsibility
  • Three Groups of Values: Experiential, Creative, Attitudinal
  • Will-to-Meaning, & the Defiant Power of the Human Spirit
  • The Case for Tragic Optimism

Module Two: Intermediate 1

  • The Human Person as Body (soma), Mind (psyche), & Spirit (noös)
  • The Unconscious, & the Intuitive Conscience
  • Philosophy of Happiness
  • Existential Vacuum: Boredom & Inner Emptiness
  • Sunday Neurosis
  • Gratitude & Humour
  • Dreams
  • Attitudinal Change
  • Myths, Metaphors & Stories
  • Movie of Your Life; the Mountain Range Exercise

Module Three: Intermediate 2

  • Suffering, Guilt, Death: The Tragic Triad
  • Depression, Aggression, Addiction: The Mass Neurotic Triad
  • Four Symptoms of the Collective Neurosis
  • Self-Distancing & Self-Transcendence
  • The Meaning of Love, Work, Suffering, Life, & Death

Module Four: Advanced

  • Logotherapeutic Techniques: Paradoxical Intention & Dereflection
  • Socratic Dialogue
  • Anger & Boredom
  • Anxiety; Phobias; Psychosomatic Illnesses; Personality Disorders, Neuroses; Psychoses
  • Case-Histories

Code of Ethics

There is a Code of Ethics to which graduate students must adhere, details of which may be found on the Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna’s website and every student is directed there to read it in full.

Circle of Existential Practitioners (CEP)

Graduates are eligible to become members of the Circle of Existential Practitioners, fees for which are €60 per annum.

Members of the Circle of Existential Practitioners, 2017

David Kingham: Associate Member
Ciarán Everitt: Full Member
Alison McCone: Associate Member
Rev. Dr. Scott Peddie: Full Member
Brendan Kilty: Full Member
Tom Larkin: Associate Member
Aidan Walsh: Associate Member
Brendan O’Sullivan: Associate Member
Peter Purcell: Full Member
Brendan Comyn: Associate Member
Jennifer Banaghan: Associate Member
Pat Shanahan: Associate Member
Jerry Crowley: Associate Member
Jennifer Caulfield: Full Member
Paul Brennan: Full Member
Anne Rushe: Full Member
Shane Hanna: Full Member
Prof. Geralyn Hynes: Full Member
Jacqueline Whelan: Associate Member
Jacinta Nig Shamhráin: Associate Member
Bernadette Shepherd Dillon: Academic Associate
Rory Hafford: Full Member


Membership of the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

The fee for biennial membership of the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (which includes issuing the Certificate of Accreditation every two years) stands at €120 (€60 per annum). Upon receipt of payment, students are listed in the International Directory of Practitioners available in print and on-line, stating their specialty and form of practise (type of work); an official certificate from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna will certify and specify the individual’s accreditation by and membership of the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. Also, certified existential analysts/ logotherapists are exclusively entitled to use a banner/seal of membership on all their documents including advertisements and business cards, stating that they are certified by the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, as well as the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland; the benefits of membership also include patient referrals worldwide, and significantly discounted fees for attending the Biennial Future of Logotherapy Conference and continuing educational courses in Vienna. All students of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland are encouraged to become members of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy (USA), for a nominal membership fee ($40), which entitles one to the International Forum for Logotherapy journal, the Institute newsletter, and being linked to a worldwide network of existential analysts/ logotherapists.

International Directory

The Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna maintains an international list of accredited existential analysts/ logotherapists, in whatever way they are working. As in other therapeutic schools, not everyone who received a training in logotherapy and existential analysis is a certified psychotherapist or mental health professional, according to national or regional laws. Some existential analysts/ logotherapists work as clinical psychologists or psychiatrists, others as counsellors or work in ministry, and yet others are social workers, HR consultants, life coaches etc. In order to account for the different needs of these different groups of helping professionals in our field, the International Directory will include several chapters according to the professional background of the applicant; as well as information on whether the practitioner happens to be specializing in certain clinical disorders (e.g., anxiety or affective disorders), or conditions (e.g., the existential vacuum), or special populations (e.g., counselling for the elderly, for the bereaved, etc.).

Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna

The Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna (founded under the auspices of Prof Viktor Frankl and his family, colleagues, and with his widow, Eleonore Frankl serving as Honorary President) is recognized beyond the bounds of the world of logotherapy/ existential analysis by the public, media, universities and other academic bodies, professional psychological associations, etc., as an institution representing classical existential analysis and logotherapy worldwide, with the highest scientific standards. A directory of training institutes may be found under the worldwide membership section of the Viktor Frankl Institute, Vienna at www.viktorfrankl.org

At a meeting of the Board of Directors, with Dr. Viktor Frankl’s family, in March, 2013, a membership association and accrediting training institution was established – the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, at the Viktor Frankl Institute, Vienna, to handle the accreditation of institutes and certification of existential analysts/ logotherapists, following on from the first Future of Logotherapy Congress, in March of 2012, at which Dr. Stephen J. Costello set out his nine-point plan. This step was a decisive change in direction toward the increased professionalization and quality-assurance in LTEA. It is a global association, headquartered in Vienna, the birthplace of Viktor Frankl, and the historical heart of psychotherapy.

International Faculty

The faculty of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, USA, is comprised of Board-approved Diplomates in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis from around the world. In addition, they meet the requirements of their respective professional associations. Its faculty members are highly qualified to teach existential analysis and logotherapy in their varied fields of endeavour:

Robert C. Barnes, PhD (USA)
Stephen J. Costello, PhD (Ireland)
Doreen Francis, PhD (UK)
Ann V. Graber, PhD (USA)
Manfred Hillmann (Germany)
Matti Juhani Hokka (Finland)
Robert R. Hutzell, PhD (USA)
F. Jak Icoz, MA (Turkey and UK)
Manoochehr Khatami, MD
Mira Kim, PhD (British Columbia and Korea)
Rauno Korpi, MEd (Finland)
Mina Laine (Finland)
Irmeli Lehtioksa (Finland)
Marshall H. Lewis, PhD (USA)
Alice Long, DMin
Edward Marshall, MD, PhD (Canada)
Maria Ungar Marshall, PhD (Canada)
Paul McQuilan, PhD (Australia)
Ann-Marie Neale, PhD
Memduh Ozmert, MSc (Turkey)
Susan Pihl (Finland)
Reza Pishyar, PhD (Australia and Iran)
Michael A. Pitts, PhD
Marianne da Silvo Prado (Brazil)
George E. Rice, PhD
Roberto Rodrigues, MD, PhD (Brazil)
Julius M. Rogina, PhD
Peter Sarkany, PhD (Hungary and Romania)
Andreas Schreiber, PhD (Germany and China)
Stefan E. Schulenberg, PhD
Randy Scraper, PhD
Teria Shantall, PhD (South Africa and Israel)
Irmeli Ivalo Sjolie, DSc (Finnland)
Patricia L. Starck
Paul Ungar, MD, PhD (Canada)
Alexander Vesely, MA (Austria)
John Viterito
Raija Volk (Finland)
Paul R. Welter, EdD
Cynthia L. Wimberly, PhD (USA)
Michael Winters, PhD (USA)

Accredited Logotherapists/ Existential Analysts of Ireland and Members of the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (Vienna)

Dr. Stephen J. Costello (drstephenjcostello@gmail.com)
Rev. Dr. Scott Peddie (scottpeddie@sky.com)
Brendan Kilty (Brendan.kilty@gmail.com)
Ciarán Everitt (ciaran-88@live.ie)
Peter Purcell (peter@softskillslearning.ie)
Paul Brennan (paulbrennan1956@gmail.com)
Shane Hanna (shanehannawork@hotmail.com)
Anne Rushe (arushe@efc.ie)
Prof. Geralyn Hynes (hynesge@tcd.ie)
Rory Hafford (hafford@eircom.net)
Jennifer Caulfield (jencaulfield1@gmail.com)

Further Study

Diplomates of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland are in a unique position to engage in further postgraduate studies. The options available are: the Psy.D. or Ph.D. at the Graduate Centre for Pastoral Logotherapy at the Graduate Theological Foundation, USA which offers distance learning doctorates; the International Academy of Philosophy at the University of the Principality of Liechtenstein (through the Viktor Frankl Chair of Philosophy and Psychology), which offers the first state-accredited Ph.D. degree programme in logotherapy; and the Master’s programme and psychotherapy training in logotherapy, in collaboration with the Dept. of Logotherapy, founded in 2012, at the Graduate Institute of Psychoanalysis in Moscow.


Here are the recommendations for continuing education from the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, Vienna, which we endorse:

‘The fulfilment of psychotherapeutic or counselling duties and responsibilities calls for continued self-critical assessment of one’s own personal and professional qualifications and competence, as well as continued efforts for their further development and the observation of one’s own limits. Given this reality, the responsibility arises to stay informed of current best professional practices via the appropriate ongoing education training, and to critically grapple with and self-appropriate this ongoing training into the course of one’s psychotherapeutic or counselling activities. Particularly, with a view of the two years to renewal of accreditation for your practice, we recommend that accredited therapists or counsellors take part in advanced training, congresses, and conferences on psychotherapy and counselling. Specifically, we recommend taking part not only in advanced training programs in Logotherapy, but also in related schools of psychotherapy in order to remain informed of the latest themes and trends in the helping and counselling professions. This recommendation is expressly not a binding commitment for therapists or counsellors accredited through the Viktor Frankl Institute; it should simply serve to safeguard and enhance the quality of Logotherapeutic psychotherapy and counselling’. To this end, courses and public lectures are held regularly throughout the year.