Who Can Apply

Anyone interested in Viktor Frankl’s meaning-centred approach to human living. Completion of this Certificate course qualifies you to skip module one of the Diploma in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis should you wish to proceed.

  • Fee - €450
  • Duration - 20 hours

What to expect from this course

This Certificate Course is divided into two parts. For part one, students receive a workbook of 150 pages, divided into units, for which a number of 500-word reflective writing assignments are required. For part two, students receive Dr Costello’s ‘Meaning Map’

Certificate Outline

The certificate in logotherapy consists of two parts.

Part One

  • History of Logotherapy
  • Freud, Adler, Frankl
  • The Human Person
  • Freedom vs Fate
  • The Will to Meaning
  • Tragic Optimism

Part Two

  • Three Paths to Meaning
  • The Meaning Triangle
  • Three Realms of Meaning
  • Two Dimensions of Meaning
  • Five Varieties of Meaning
  • Four Functions of Meaning
  • Meaning of Life and Death, Success and Failure, Work and Love