The Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna maintains an international list of accredited existential analysts/logotherapists, in whatever way they are working, as does the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland. As in other therapeutic schools, not everyone who received a training in logotherapy and existential analysis is a certified psychotherapist or mental health professional, according to national or regional laws. Some existential analysts/logotherapists work as clinical psychologists or psychiatrists, others as counsellors or work in ministry, and yet others are social workers, HR consultants, life coaches etc. In order to account for the different needs of these different groups of helping professionals in our field, the International Directory will include several chapters according to the professional background of the applicant; as well as information on whether the practitioner happens to be specialising in certain clinical disorders (e.g., anxiety or affective disorders), or conditions (e.g., the existential vacuum), or special populations (e.g., counselling for the elderly, for the bereaved, etc.).