Vienna Institute

The Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna (founded under the auspices of Prof Viktor Frankl and his family, colleagues, and with his widow, Eleonore Frankl serving as Honorary President) is recognized beyond the bounds of the world of logotherapy/existential analysis by the public, media, universities and other academic bodies, professional psychological associations, etc., as an institution representing classical existential analysis and logotherapy worldwide, with the highest scientific standards. A directory of training institutes may be found under the worldwide membership section of the Viktor Frankl Institute, Vienna at www.viktorfrankl.org.

At a meeting of the Board of Directors, with Dr. Viktor Frankl’s family, in March, 2013, a membership association and accrediting training institution was established: the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, at the Viktor Frankl Institute, Vienna, to handle the accreditation of institutes and certification of existential analysts/logotherapists, following on from the first Future of Logotherapy Congress, in March of 2012, at which Dr. Stephen J. Costello set out his nine-point plan. This step was a decisive change in direction toward the increased professionalization and quality-assurance in LTEA. It is a global association, headquartered in Vienna, the birthplace of Viktor Frankl, and the historical heart of psychotherapy.