Viktor Frankl Videos

These archive clips are taken from the Viktor Frankl media archive managed by the Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna.

New Theory - 1963

TV interview on one of Frankl’s early lecture tours in the USA.


One of the rare appearances of Frankl together with Jerry Long. Mr. Long, paralysed from neck down after a diving accident at age 17, wrote to Dr. Frankl the lines “I broke my neck, but it did not break me.” Long became a psychologist despite his severe handicap. He died in 2004.

Resources of Survival - 1987

Lecture, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. Frankl on ideas and ideals, depth- and “height-psychology”. Here is his much cited closing statement in which he reminds the American audience of the close ties between freedom and responsibility…

On Existential Philosophy

Frankl discusses the differences between logotherapy and the views of french existentialists Sartre and Camus.

Drugs: Subjective Vs. Objective Meaning

One of Frankls main topics in the 1960s. When teaching at Harvard University in 1961, he was among few who opposed the experimental use of LSD proposed by Dr. Timothy Leary, stating that “freedom is only one side of a phenomenon whose other side is responsibility”. (California 1968)

On Belief After The Holocaust

Can one believe in god after Ausschwitz? Frankl´s view differed from that of many within his religious community, often sparking emotions and controversy. An rare recording, where he points out his position very clearly.

The Will To Meaning

Questioning the existence of meaning in life once was described as a symptom of neurosis by Sigmund Freud. Frankl´s view could not be more different. In this interview given for Canadian television in 1972, Frankl describes the connection between meaning in life and happiness.
(Toronto 1972)

Religion and Ultimate Meaning - 1990

In this recording made in South Africa in 1990, Frankl speaks of the relations between logotherapy and religion. Being open towards meanings and values, Frankl’s theories have and continue to be often misinterpreted as being religious in nature. Frankl on this topic, and how meaning can be achieved in life.

Viktor Frankl, San Francisco 1984 / Part 1
Viktor Frankl, San Francisco 1984 / Part 2
Interview, South Africa - 1986 - Part 1

In this timeless interview Frankl is asked about questions of human nature, society and life. For seeing the whole interview, click on all 3 parts.

Interview, South Africa - 1986 - Part 2
Interview, South Africa - 1986 - Part 3

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